Where can I find Hank Sauce near me?
Check out our store finder!

How can I get Hank closer to home?
Fill out this form and give it to the store manager at your local store. Let them know how much you need Hank Sauce in your life!

Where is Hank Sauce crafted?
We opened our own production facility in Millville, NJ in 2018.

Is Hank Sauce gluten-free?
While we aren't certified gluten-free Hank Sauce has no added gluten

Are any of your sauces vegan?
Yes! Hank's Heat, Skedatil, Exit 17, and Across the Boards to name a few. 

Are the sauces really ZERO grams of sugar, fat, and calories?
Yes! Most of our sauces have no sugar, fat, or calories.

What is the hottest sauce you currently offer?
Right now ICEMAN is the hottest in our lineup. Habanero and garlic come together with a splash of whiskey to create a unique burn.  

Should Hank Sauce be refrigerated after opening?
It is not required, but our sauce will stay fresh longer in the refrigerator. 

What is the shelf life of Hank Sauce?
The majority of our sauces hold an 18-month shelf life from the manufactured date, while our dry rubs have a shelf life of three years. There is a best-by date printed at the bottom of each bottle.

Do you have suggestions on how to use the sauce?
Visit our recipe page here! Hank Sauce is meant to be used in any stage of cooking- marinating, mix in with our sauces, grilling, the options are limitless!


Where is the Hank Sauce Restaurant?
We're located at 8605 Landis Ave in Sea Isle City, NJ. 

Do you have parking?
Off-street parking is available

Do you offer takeout?
We offer both dine-in and take-out. We have a few tables inside and outside on a first come first served basis.

We've got a big crowd, do you take reservations?
Unfortunately, we do not but call ahead and our team would be happy to let you if there is a wait!  

Do you offer catering? Or could we hold a private event at your place?
Yes! Send us an email and we’d be happy to get the conversation going.

When will you open for the season?
Our website, Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Trip Advisor hours will always be updated.

Are you BYOB?
We are! We encourage enjoying a cold round over a warm conversation as we prepare your meal.

Can I bring my kids?
We are a family-friendly restaurant, our Minnow Menu is sure to have something they like! 

Do you have gluten-free/vegetarian/vegan options?
We offer gluten-free options such as corn tortillas for all tacos, and we would be glad to make any burger or sandwich into a salad! We've got a few veggie options (the portabella burger is insane and the veggie tacos are out of this world) and the salads are bold and delicious.  

My buddy claimed he had "the best burger of his life" at Hank Sauce, is he lying?
While he may have lied to you in the past, you can trust him on this one. 

I'm a student looking to lock down a summer job in Sea Isle, are you hiring for the upcoming summer season?
Join the Hank team! Send us an email to see what is currently available.