• Where can I find Hank Sauce near me? 
    - check our store finder!
  • None of the stores by me have Hank Sauce, how do I fix that?
    -Fill out this form and give it to the manager at your local store. Kindly explain to them how much you need Hank Sauce in your life.
  • Where is Hank Sauce crafted?
    -We make everything at our facility in Millville, NJ
  • Is Hank Sauce Gluten Free?
    while we aren't certified GF Hank Sauce is gluten free
  • Are any of your sauces Vegan?
    Hank's Heat is currently our only vegan sauce, most of the other have a VERY SMALL amount of butter in them. We're talking a teaspoon per bottle.  
  • Speaking of, I noticed that there is zero calories or fat, is that true?
    - Yes, the trace amount of butter that we use is so small that it is not registered as a per serving quantity on the nutrition facts.
  • What is the hottest sauce you currently offer? 
    -Right now the ICEMAN is the hottest in the lineup.  Habanero and garlic come together with a spash of whiskey to create a unique burn.  
  • Do I have to refrigerate after opening my bottle?
    -While it will stay freshest the longest in the fridge, it is not required. Some people don't prefer their hot sauce cold. 
  • What is the shelf life of Hank Sauce?
    -The majority of our sauces are good for 18 months from manufactured date, the dry rubs have a shelf life of much longer. Check the date on your bottle for the most accurate "best by" date.  
  • What should I make for dinner?
    -Heres some ideas 
  • Will Hank Sauce make me run faster and jump higher?
    -While we can't legally claim that it can, we like to believe that it is a performance enhancing food. 
  • Is there really a Hank?
    -There is; and his real name is Brian (mind blown right?)
  • Why is Cilanktro the best hot sauce I've ever tasted?
    -We're still working on figuring that one out. 

  • Restaurant FAQ
  • Where is the Hank Sauce Restaurant?
    -We're located on 86th and Landis in Sea Isle City, NJ. We're 2 blocks from the beach and a block from the bay. Keep that in mind when placing a take out order. (We recommend the PINCHOs, it's the perfect beach food)  
  • Do you have parking?
    - Parking can get a bit hairy in the summer, but arriving via boat is always more fun anyway. While we don't have our own lot, our neighbors do. Just don't tell them we told you that.    
  • Do you offer take out?
    -Dine in and Take out are always available during the summer season. 
  • Do you have outdoor seating?
    -Yes! We have a few shaded tables available 
  • We've got a big crowd, do you take reservations?
    -Unfortunately we don't, but call ahead and we'll see what is available.  
  • Do you offer catering? Or could we hold a private event at your place?
    -Shoot us an email, lets talk turkey.
  • When will you open for the season? 
    -We usually open sometime in Mid May for the season. 
  • When do you close for the season?
    Usually sometime in October.
  • Do you have a bar?
    - We wish (sigh) 
  • Are you BYOB?
    -We are! We encourage enjoying a cold round over a warm conversation as we prepare your meal!
  • Can I bring my kids?
    -Sure can! Our Minnow Menu is sure to have something they like! Our establishment is family friendly with a very casual atmosphere. We'll even give them a Hank fish coloring page with crayons to keep them entertained until their mini burger sliders are ready.
  • I heard you'll be doing some holiday popups on Saturdays starting November 30 with apparel for sale and a small food menu available for take out?
    -You heard correct! (Winks, does finger pistols) more info on that coming soon! 
  • Do you have gluten free/vegetarian/ Vegan options?
    -We do offer gluten free options such as corn tortillas for all tacos  plus we would be glad to make any burger or sandwich into a salad for you! We've we got a few veggie options (the portabella burger is insane, and the veggie tacos are out of this world)  and the salads are bold and delicious.  
  • My buddy claimed he had "the best burger of his life" at Hank Sauce, is he lying?
    - While he may have lied to you in the past, you can trust him on this one. 
  • I'm a student looking to lock down a summer job in Sea Isle, are you hiring for the upcoming summer season?
    -We're always looking for summer help! Shoot us an email to see what is currently available.