Hank Sauce X Qualified Captain "IN THE CHANNEL" Duo Pack

A Qualified collaboration over a year in the making - The "IN THE CHANNEL" Duo Pack consists of two sauces that are certain to take your favorite foods along for an exciting journey on the high seas...or at least keep you well fed after running aground and waiting for the tide to come in. 

For best results, pair with salt air, mild sunburn, and outdoor cooking. Pour it on sandwiches, boat snacks, tacos, at-the-dock sashimi or anything else you can imagine, but whatever you do - KEEP IT IN THE CHANNEL! 

Sailor's Delight - Take your taste buds on a relaxing sunset cruise with the savory concoction of red jalapeño, mango, and ginger. No need to take warning...subtle sweetness and mild heat make this delightful blend the perfect everyday sauce to take from port to port. From sushi to soups, steaks and so much more - Sailor's Delight is the perfect companion on land or at sea!

Ingredients - Distilled Vinegar, red jalapeño mash, mango puree, ginger puree, xanthan gum

Heat: Mild/Medium

Fish Whistle - Green serrano peppers and fresh tomatillo join forces for a mild and mellow combo that pairs perfectly with flaky fish tacos, creamy guacamole, braised beef burritos, and frosty tall beverages! Fish Whistle works great on eggs too, simply wake and shake into your scramble, omelette, or sandwich! This one always goes fast, so keep an extra bottle stashed in the cooler.  

Ingredients - distilled vinegar, serrano pepper, tomatillo, garlic, red onion, cilantro, salt.  

Heat: Mild/Medium

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